Microsoft presenta la Guía del Nuevo Emprendedor

Microsoft ha presentado “Vamos: La Guía del Nuevo Emprendedor”, resultado del trabajo colaborativo de más de 100 emprendedores españoles, que han compartido sus experiencias y consejos prácticos para poner en marcha con éxito proyectos de emprendimiento.

Payfirma Launches Multichannel Payments API

Of all the markets being impacted by the booming API economy, perhaps none has seen as much activity and innovation as the payments space. The past several years have seen the launch of a number of disruptive and successful API-centric upstarts, including Stripe and Balanced.

PayPal Releases Kraken to Help Spur Node.js Adoption

PayPal, looking to provide an additional structure around the Node.js application framework, developed the Kraken implementation, a more secure and scalable framework for building commercial-grade applications. This week, PayPal is making Kraken available to the broader open-source community.