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  1. Hey Matt! you want to relate to webmasters? How about you spend years building a successful website, a business around it to feed your children and others children. Then get hit by an algorithm that knocks you down to the 2nd page. Spend everyday at work with the boss breathing down your neck ready to fire you. Even though you work your ass off writing fresh content, provide WC3complient markup. Nothing seems to work because you cant gauge progress via webmaster tools. That’s where you relate.

  2. So, in Orange County Goshen Court the Judges are selling their public service in child custody and divorce cases. To abuse Domestic Violence Victims and to sell children to be sexually exploited. If you don't believe me request an investigation of all the child custody and divorce cases Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. has been involved in, you will see a despicable and corrupt pattern.Of course there is no investigation to this allegations because of her connections to the Office of Andrew Cuomo. ;)What happens in Orange County is cover up by every single agency in the county!!

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